UAE Garrison Rules & Regulations

Rules, information and general guideline.
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UAE Garrison Rules and Regulations

The UAE Garrison of the 501st Legion is a costuming club run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. These rules and guidelines are there to protect the club and its members.

In order to become a full member of the UAE Garrison, you must own a costume that meets basic clearance requirements (from the 501st CRLs which can be found here - ). To remain an active member you must attend at least one troop/event each year.

UAE Garrison members must adhere to the 501st Legion Charter ( and the 501st Operations Protocol ( Make sure to familiarize yourself with both these documents. As they are updated regularly, check them both regularly to stay updated.

By joining the UAE Garrison you are also agreeing to abide by the rules set out in the Legion Charter, the Operations Protocol and this document. Please read them carefully. These rules and guidelines are subject to change, as such, we ask that you review them periodically to keep up to date with any changes.

The following sections will guide you through the additional UAE Garrison rules we have implemented to ensure the club is run as smoothly as possible.

501st UAE Garrison Command Staff
Below is a list of current staff along with their forum name in [ ]s & their Legion ID

Commanding Officer (CO)
Anastasia M [Anastasia] - 79736

Executive Officer (XO)

Garrison Event Coordinator (GEC)

Garrison Membership Liaison (GML)
Grant Dyson [TD27090] (for Abu Dhabi) - 27090
Rodrigo Raya [TI7722] (for Dubai) - 77722
Anastasia M [Anastasia] (for Dubai & Female members) - 79736

Garrison Public Relations (GPR)
Marleena Peters [Marlenator] - 31033

Garrison Merchandising and Branding (GMB)
Ignacio [Maltsandstitches] - 32003

Garrison Webmaster (GWM)
Gabriel Navarro [Navarro] - 27010

1 General Rules

1.1 Written communications can be misinterpreted; this is a fact of life. Be mindful that your comments on WhatsApp, forums and social media may be “taken the wrong way” or simply misunderstood. Please word your statement carefully and read it through before you post it. Also, remember that whatever you are posting is governed by the strict local UAE laws - Federal Law #5 of 2012 ( ... 012_en.pdf) which addresses subjects such as IT security, invasion of privacy, malicious and illegal activities and more. Additional information on the law can be found here - ... -1.1104040

1.2 Flaming, baiting, spamming or trolling is strictly prohibited by the Legion and local UAE laws. Any evidence of this will result in action being taken against the poster.

1.3 Discussing Armour makers - The UAE Garrison understands how difficult it can be to research your costuming project and we will try and help you on your journey. However, please be aware that we do not endorse any particular maker nor do we support or authorise any claims that are made in our name nor in the name of the 501st. Please be aware that there are many makers/sellers, some of whom may make false claims about endorsement of their product. The UAE Garrison advises that the buyers be aware of this and only make a purchase when they are sure that they are confident about the product they are buying.

It is also worth noting that price does not always equate value. Our advice would always be to take your time and do your research and seek assistance from our members and relevant detachment forums.

We strongly advise you to contact the GML team prior to any purchase. This will enable you to discuss many of the options available to you in regards to your costume choice.

When possible, we will do our best to provide members with handy hints and tips to help you make decisions regarding your costuming project.

Please be aware that any decision you make with regard to a costume or other purchase will be your sole responsibility and neither the UAE Garrison, GML’s or other members can accept any liability should there be any issues resulting from your choice.

2 Membership Approval

2.1 Before a costume can be worn at a UAE Garrison official event, it must be approved by a GML. In order for your costume to be approved, photos detailing Front, Sides, Rear and Helmet Off (where appropriate) and an Action Shot must be submitted to a GML. The costume must also be inspected in person by either a GML or UAE Garrison member authorised by a GML.

2.2 Your costume may not be lent to another member or non-member for approval or to attend a UAE Garrison official event.

2.3 Alterations and additions - Any alterations or additions that change the overall look of the UAE Garrison-approved costume are themselves subject to further approval by a GML. Approval must be received prior to trooping with the modifications. Please allow enough time for approval before the event you wish to wear your costume at.

2.4 When selling a costume that has previously been approved, any decal applied indicating membership of the UAE Garrison must be removed before the costume is sold.

2.5 Before trooping your costume will be branded with the official UAE Garrison decal where appropriate.

3 Events

3.1 Before an Event

3.1.1 Make a note of the event description, its requirements and any special instructions for the day, which will be detailed prior to the event by the Garrison staff.

3.1.2 Please ensure that you are reasonably certain that you can attend the event before you agree to sign up for it. We often need to confirm attendance numbers in advance of an event with the host organizer.

3.1.3 It is also important that you understand the nature and length of the event.

3.1.4 Events are subdivided into a) Official Events such as LFL/Disney organised, movie premieres and b) Non Official Events such as MEFCC, other conventions.

3.1.5 Passes and Tickets at an event Where the number of passes to an event are limited, passes shall firstly be awarded to active members and support crew. Where the number of members wishing to attend an event exceeds the number of passes obtained then the order in which these will be issued shall be in the following priority order 1) Garrison Command Staff 2) Members in order of activity (most active first) 3) Support Crew in order of activity (most active first) 4) Others Any additional passes may be awarded at the CO’s discretion in discussion with XO/GML’s.

3.1.6 Conflict of interest between members wishing to participate at a 501st UAE Garrison event. Where a potential conflict of interest exists between members wanting to participate at a 501st UAE Garrison troop then the Garrison Command Staff will undertake a private vote as to which member(s) may take part. In the event of an equal number voting then the GCO will have the deciding vote. Member(s) of the 501st UAE Garrison who are affected by a vote will be given the final result number only. The result of the vote will be final

3.2 Conduct at an official event

3.2.1 When in costume at an event, you should endeavour to stay in the character appropriate to the costume you are wearing. This is one of the 501st major selling points and is what is is known for. Please try to uphold this at all times whilst in public in order to maintain the illusion. Remember to BE the character, not just someone dressed up as the character. Try to include the public in the act. You are in character, so interact with the public AS that character.

3.2.2 When in costume, you should stay in full costume whilst in the public eye. This means not removing your helmet, other armour parts or any other parts of your costume that would not be in character, or true to the movies. Exceptions to this are:
- When instructed by the police or similar
- In the event of an emergency
- Where staying in costume is a health and safety risk to yourself or a third party.

3.3 Where possible/practical, crew should wear UAE Garrison-approved clothing/apparel. This helps the public and the event organisers know who you are. Please note that when dressed in UAE Garrison apparel you are representing the UAE Garrison. Our name is on your clothes, so your actions will reflect on us. Please maintain a professional attitude and demeanour at all times.

3.4 Adhere to any specific rules and guidelines for an event and pay attention to any briefing given by the event coordinators. Please be aware that information or requirements may change during an event.

3.5 If you are aware of an event that you believe would be appropriate for the UAE Garrison to attend, please contact the CO or XO or ask the event host/contact to complete an “Event Request” (we welcome and encourage all members sourcing new opportunities and events for us but have to make sure they meet all of the basic 501st requirements).

3.6 If you attend any non-UAE Garrison organized/approved event in your approved costume, you must remove or cover your UAE Garrison decals if present and may not wear any UAE Garrison apparel.

3.7 Do not ask for goods or donations from the event hosts or staff. We are sometimes offered perks and gifts, which members are at liberty to do with as they wish.

3.8 Children at events

3.8.1 The UAE Garrison and 501st Legion requires a person to be at least eighteen (18) years old in order to join and participate as a member.

3.8.2 A child under the age of eighteen (18) years will be required to have adult supervision at all times from a responsible parent/guardian who is not participating in the event (this participation includes but is not limited to costuming, wrangling, support crew)

3.8.3 As guests of our event host, children will be expected to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion and respect the costumers and crew at the event. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure this is adhered to.

3.8.4 Children will not be allowed in the changing area whilst members are getting into or out of costume.

3.8.5 A parent/guardian and any child attending under section 3.8 should not expect free admission or other privileges extended to the participating member.

3.8.6 Any member wishing to take a child under the age of eighteen (18) to a UAE Garrison troop should inform the GCO/GXO including who will be responsible for the child during the period of the troop.

3.9 Media Interviews - All media interviews regarding the UAE Garrison must be sanctioned by the GPR or GCO prior to participation. Costumed members must not participate verbally in filmed interviews. A crew member or one of the Command Staff should be nominated to respond to interview questions whilst out of costume. Costumed members may be seen in shot.

3.10 Product Endorsement - At the request of LFL, costumers should endeavour to not be seen to be endorsing a commercial product or company in public. This includes, but is not limited to: holding, pointing, wearing, sitting, using or standing on any branded item or logo. This also includes LFL/Disney licensed products without the express permission of LFL/Disney. Endorsing charities is permitted within the laws of the UAE. Members & support crew in official UAE Garrison clothing at an event also need to be mindful of this directive.

3.12 Any designated point for trooping (including but not limited to a stand, guard point) must have a wrangler/support present whenever anyone in costume is present.

3.13 Members trooping at an event who wish to move away from a designated point for trooping (as detailed in 3.12) must have a wrangler/support accompany them for the duration.

4 Maintaining Active Membership

4.1 All UAE Garrison members are expected to own a costume that has been cleared to troop and attend a troop/event in costume at least once a year

4.2 Reserve Members - Any UAE Garrison member who has not attended a troop for a period of more than 12 months will be placed in a reserve status. 501st members will be subject to the 501st rules regarding Reserve Members. Reserve members will be returned to active status upon attending a troop providing they have been in reserve status for no longer than 12 months (Reserve members will need to contact a GML to have their access to the 501st sections of the main forum restored).

4.3 Inactive (Retired) Members - Any UAE Garrison member who has not attended a troop for a period of 2 years will be placed in “Inactive” status and their costumes will be retired. Inactive members are unable to attend troops. 501st members will be subject to the 501st rules regarding “Retired” members. Inactive/Retired members who wish to return to active status must resubmit their costumes for approval by a UAE Garrison GML.