Joining the 501st Legion - Potential Members PLEASE READ

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UAE Garrison Webmaster (GWM)
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In order to join the 501st Legion, you need to be 18 years old and own a professional quality costume representing a well-documented canon villain or malevolent character from the Star Wars films or Expanded Universe.

Once you have your costume completed, you can fill out the application and submit photographs of your costume to one of our Garrison Membership Liaison. If your costume is approved, you will receive notification by e-mail. If your costume does not meet the 501st requirements, our Garrison Membership Liaison will work with you and provide recommendations and resources that can assist you in modifying your costume to meet Legion requirements.

If you don't have a professional-quality costume yet and are interested in getting information on how to make one, then sign up on these forums as a prospective member. Once you are on our forum, we have resources available to help you put your costume together. We have Liaisons in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, who can give you advice on how to create your costume.

We also have periodic Armor Workshops (and Hangouts :P) in Dubai/Abu Dhabi, where you can watch experienced members put their costumes together and get advice on making your own. You also can get input from our experienced members on our forums. To get started, sign up on the UAE Garrison forum today!

In order to register at the forums click here: REGISTER.

Welcome aboard.
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